2 Player Games

Do casinos offer multi-player games

Real money online gambling is a marginalized game category. Although it is a valid industry, which keeps people entertained in return for their money, we don't usually consider slot machines or roulette to be games at all. This is not true, though - despite of the taboo, millions of people all over the world play these games, and most of the times for fun. And, if this wasn't enough, some of these games have strong social components, allowing players from different countries to play together.

One of the best examples for multi-player casino games would be blackjack. Players can sit down to the same virtual blackjack table - three or more, depending on the table rules - and play against the house. They can even bet on each other's hands, making extra money by using the other players' luck or skills. It is especially entertaining to play such games in a live dealer environment, when there is a real person on the other side of the table. In this case players can either actively participate in the game, or just "sit behind" one player, and bet on his or her hand. 

Slot machines - the likes of which you can find at slots.redflushcasino.com - can also be played by more than one player at once, but not in the usual way. Multi-player slot machines work differently than other games. Each player plays his or her own session, collaborating toward a common goal, which is usually the unlocking a major bonus amount. Players can follow each other's reels, see each other's results, and even chat inside the game. 

Maybe the most popular multi-player game of chance - which has spawned a whole industry on its own in the last few decades - is poker. It is the ultimate multi-player game, best played against real opponents (which can rarely be replaced by a computer's random number generator). Success in poker is not based on luck alone. On the contrary - being able to outwit or outplay your opponent is the key to winning a hand. This is why many consider poker to be a game of skill rather than a game of chance, and are working on turning it into a proper sport. Poker is played in many different settings - from families to large clubs or even international tournaments. 

So, I think casino games like the ones I described above qualify as multi-player games, and for good reason. They require players either to play against each other, or cooperate toward a common goal. Besides they are also considerably entertaining - even beyond the fact that they can make their players richer.